It’s Time

This CD is about a journey. It is a relevant reminder to us all that it is in fact time to give it up and pray it up to God. Not when it’s convenient, but now! You don’t have to stop living, just take God with you every step, day by day. Be thankful every waking moment you are given. Go for it!

  1. He Cares About Me is about what many experience at difficult times and they need to know that God has your back. He watches, guides and cares about us all. Elaine Stepter passionately delivers the vocals accented by Rodney Taylor, Saxophonist on the “flute.”
  2. Another Day is just a reminder that every day is not a promise. We need to open our hears and minds and acknowledge Christ as our Savior. He blesses us each day as he sees fit and we should not take his grace for granted. Alvin Smith energizes the vocals that reach out to us all.
  3. Believe in Words is about the “Word” given to us in scripture. Belief in these words passed on are the life and the light for our salvation. They are the way to our Heavenly Father. Elaine Stepter resonates again.
  4. Amazing Grace speaks for itself. It has been around for generations and conveyed with the traditional choir. Ashley Taylor delights us with the lead vocals.
  5. Worship One reminds us that there is only One we must worship and praise. Elaine Stepter sings us through this very meaningful praise. Tim Anderson, Saxophonist, accents this number by dancing around the vocals. This is the first gospel song I ever wrote and upon completion, it was emotional to say the least. The instrumental is on my first CD, Endless Summer Breeze.
  6. This Day Was Coming was written during the inauguration of President Barack Obama, because God makes all things possible. Elaine, once again delivers the vocals. The instrumental is on my first CD, Endless Summer Breeze.
  7. Back To Him Again is a reminder of where many of us started and strayed away from as we grew into adults. Once we grasp and grow into adulthood, we have to be strong and stay focused on God’s gift of life. He is all knowing and we need to get back to what we know in our hearts and minds is the correct path to his kingdom. Dorcia White delivers the vocals with a resounding message which commands an ear. The instrumental is on my first CD, Endless Summer Breeze.
  8. Don’t Let Him Get Away is another way of saying don’t let God get away from your life. It also presses the theme of this CD. Don’t let the world get in the way of what you are blessed with. Material life does not compare to spiritual life. The lead vocals are a duet of Elaine Stepter and bare tone, Charles Williams, multi-talented musician. Saxophonist Rodney Taylor dances around in sync throughout the song. This song should get you moved enough to stand, clap and sway side to side and even dance up and down the isles, as its uptempo groove takes you out the box.
  9. The Last Drum Beat was an emotional journey of hope and prayer for a good friend, Julie Annette Delgado. She was fighting stage four cancer when I was touched with this song. I wanted to involve her lyrically with this song, but God called her home before we could merge our talents. She had a fabulous music career with many celebrities, who loved her. Special thanks to Dan Aykroyd, the Blues Brothers, for their appearance at her Sunrise Service. She was truly special. God loves us no matter what! Elaine Stepter once again, stepped up and delivered this great song for me. It will tug at an emotional thread forever.
  10. Go Tell It On The Mountain has lasted through the test of time. A familiar song to generations of faithful individuals. It speaks for itself of the birth of Christ. Go tell the world!