Thank you for your interest in my newly released Musical Projects. God has blessed me with the ability to create these tracks and has surrounded me with a team of extraordinary musicians, vocalists and producers. Timing is everything.


It’s Time

This CD is about a journey. It is a relevant reminder to us all that it is in fact time to give it up and pray it up to God. Not when it’s convenient, but now! You don’t have to stop living, just take God with you every step, day by day. Be thankful every waking moment you are given. Go for it!


Endless Summer Breeze

It has been a thrill ride to date. I appreciate your interest and support and hope that you enjoy this project. It is a culmination of original fresh music that offers something for everyone. It captures the romance we all possess, and promotes a relaxed atmosphere as well as an upbeat vibrate one. I truly believe that you will thoroughly enjoy these musical creations. Again, THANK YOU and GOD bless.

POPUP Thought

“When you effortlessly help someone and it seemed rehearsed, it’s a win win for everyone.”

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