Endless Summer Breeze

This entire CD consists of songs that are smooth jazz. They are pleasant and easy listening, perfect for the romantic evening, entertainment at parties, or just relaxing during a sunset. Each song is an original creation that is refreshing and melodic.

  1. Summers Flight takes you on a romantic flight into the sunset on a private jet. The cabin has an entertainment atmosphere which glides you through a social gathering. There are a few maneuvers that get the attention of the crew, but ultimately, it is a smooth, relaxed good time for all.
  2. Come Back stimulates that nostalgic tempo that makes you want to get up and do the electric slide dance with your friends. You see yourself dancing among dancers with everyone appreciating the rhythm and the moment.
  3. Locomotion is just smooth and addicting. You can visualize that “soulful train” dancing down the tracks on beat to the beat and with the puffs of smoke rising to the beat as well. The Soul Train dance train line has been revived with a new theme song. It is waiting for the comeback of those bell bottoms and rhythmic messages encoded in the music of the 60’s and 70’s! Thanks “Don.”
  4. Back To Him Again is mellow and spiritual. You can easily conceive the lyrics that make this song so emotionally spiritual, yet is triumphant and turns a new page in life.
  5. Climax is that song that says get up to groove, be smooth, and be true to the music. It is mellow and moving, and one for your library of jazz.
  6. Funky Blend is a taste of venturing outside the box. It is truly funky, but upbeat and moving as well.
  7. Steppin Out has that classic traditional jazz feel. It is very mellow and the very song for entertaining family and friends and having a good time.
  8. This Day Was Coming was written on the inauguration day of President Barack Obama. It is finger popping and draws you into the beat and melody. It symbolizes the progress of our world and the changing landscape. It is also emotional and spiritual in its delivery.
  9. Worship One, a totally spiritual song, mellow and emotional in its purpose. The saxophone really brings it together. It has gospel origins just as Back To Him Again and This Day Was Coming.